Loft.lu has been fulfilling the demands of design-focused property hunters since 2005. It’s a platform that gives future property owners and tenants the chance to find their dream living space: lofts, architect houses, barges or anything else that’s out of the ordinary.
Who can advertise via the loft.lu platform? You! Both individuals and real estate professionals are welcome.
Loft.lu's ambition is to actively participate in the sustainable development of the urban fabric. We want to promote the original idea of ​​the loft and the spirit and lifestyle it embodies – that of Andy Warhol and the artists of 1950s New York who pioneered the concept. We also want to support the people that contribute to making residential lofts what they are: architects, designers and professionals working in construction, furniture and decoration. 
However, great importance is also given to other forms of atypical use of space such as new loft-style constructions or other well-designed architect homes and spaces.
For us, the term "loft" is synonymous with a certain spirit and lifestyle. Loft.lu acts as a source of inspiration and information to consume without moderation.
Loft: A large open area in a warehouse, factory or other large building converted into a living space. The initial definition has evolved to cover newly added variations such as house and office lofts
Loft-style: The term used for more recent constructions with loft characteristics based on its initial definition
Architect’s house: An exceptional construction that stands out in terms of its design ingenuity, extravagance, location or its boldness
Atypical space: Any space or quality construction, which is not classifiable as a loft, loft-style or architect house.
Loft.lu was created for those looking for a loft or already living in one.
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To guarantee consistency and respect loft.lu’s essence, a panel of four experts evaluates every object submitted to our platform. We reserve the right to only publish listings that correspond to the values and spirit of loft.lu