La crème de la crème

Choose excellence at 7A rue de Glacis .

La crème de la crème

Treat yourself to the largest apartment, duplex, project Royal-Hamilius.

La crème de la crème

Enjoy the most beautiful view of Luxembourg, on the 25th floor of the Infinity Living tower.


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40 Years Valentiny hvp Architects

No one is without knowing the renowned architect François Valentiny. After creating the Valentiny Foundation in 2016, he will go down in posterity again in May 2021. Next spring, 40 Years of Valentiny, from Point Nemo Publishing, will become the collection of books to get hold of. In red and white packaging, colors of passion and perfection, the retrospective edited by his daughter Anna Valentiny, also founder of Adato, will tel ...

A thunderous applause resounded in the emblematic Philharmonie on Monday, September 21. And for good reason, the 6th edition of the Bauhärepräis OAI, flagship event of Baukultur placed within the framework of the 30th anniversary of the OAI, awarded the 2020 winners. Since its launch in 200, the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers has rewarded every four years the owners who have succeeded in promoting quality archit ...

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3rd edition Art3f

Painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramists: this weekend, nearly 200 artists made the Luxembourg public dream of the 3rd edition of art3f. A look back at this artistic encounter with 3,000 reasons to go there. For all the ills of the world, art is a remedy, the contemporary even more. In the aftermath of an unprecedented health crisis, the 3rd edition of art3f made every effort to scrupulously comply with health regulations and exhibit at Luxexpo The Box. For a weekend, the show has chan ...


François Valentiny: architect of convictions

In the heart of a forest in Remerschen, the architectural office of François Valentiny. A place conducive to achieving everything possible, to open-mindedness and creativity, but above all it houses, within it, an exceptional architect, an architect of convictions. Meet. From Europe to Asia, you have been the architect of many landmark buildings making you a renowned architect in Luxembourg. Why did you choose to become an architect? Wha ...

Mathieu Nicol, consider the impact of today for tomorrow

Architecture is reflected in the desire not to create limits for oneself, to abolish one's own borders. Mathieu Nicol, associate architect and programmatic analyst at the prestigious architecture and town planning studio Jim Clemes Associates, is proof of this. Meet. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs from father to son, he quickly came into contact with the world of construction. He was barely 12 years old when he visited for the first time the achievements of architectural projects ...



A system that can be ideally adapted to personal lifestyles and living spaces in terms of design, function and style &ndas ...

MGM - Menuiserie Guy Morheng

Carpentry Menuiserie Guy Morheng prides itself on its motto ‘What ever you need done, we can do it’. From the basement to the attic and everything in between, if you need a carpentry solution, MGM is here to help.   MGM meets delivery commitments and delivers quality installations, which come with a warranty. MGM also offers competitive pricing.   Come visit our showroom for inspiration! Located at the ZARE Eh ...


Collaboration with leading office furniture manufacturers since 1984, Burotrend develops innovative solutions for office layouts, stimulating workflow while bringing to life clients’ corporate culture and identity.   Planning, functionality, ergonomics, maximizing space, delivery and installation are part of the services we offer our customers.   Working environments are important but our private spaces are equally crucial in our d ...

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"Ayez des rêves assez grands pour être certain de ne pas les perdre de vue."

MEYERS Laurent

La vie est comme un instrument de musique : il faut la tendre et la relâcher, pour la rendre agréable. (Démophile)