Sector : Aménagement et ameublement
Contact : NIESEN Raymond
Address : 5, Rue de l'Eglise
City : 1458 LUXEMBOURG
Phone : + 352 48 25 68-1
Fax : +352 48 29 66
web :
Our partners have only a single purpose, you help to create your loft! Navigate to the faults of the various sectors to find the good professional for your project. You wish to equip, to transform, to fit out your loft, you are at the right place.


Collaboration with leading office furniture manufacturers since 1984, Burotrend develops innovative solutions for office layouts, stimulating workflow while bringing to life clients’ corporate culture and identity.
Planning, functionality, ergonomics, maximizing space, delivery and installation are part of the services we offer our customers.
Working environments are important but our private spaces are equally crucial in our daily lives. That is why we opened BECKSTREETFIVE in 2002, a place for contemporary, avant-garde furniture connoisseurs and amateurs to discover the most beautiful creations for their homes.