Meeting with Natalia Collignon

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At the crossroads of the most beautiful buildings in Esch-Sur-Alzette, aeco architecture workshop, a firm dedicated to green architecture. At its head, Natalia Collignon, advocating the contemporary and ecological style, the design of low-energy houses and renovation with respect for heritage, Consulting and Urban Planning Energy Concept (PAP). 
Our Luxembourgish architect and urban planner did his first two years of studies at the Institut Supérieur d´Architecture Saint-Luc in Brussels, then the next three at the Institut Supérieur d´Architecture Intercommunal Victor Horta to work on the creative side. At the end, she began her conquest of Luxembourg alongside Tretra Lanners Associés before joining Beng Architectes Associés from 2005 to 2011 and then opened her own office aeco architectural workshop in 2011. Her husband joined her in 2012, in order to develop the ubranism branch, an associate completed the team a year later. Together, they work on single-family homes, small and medium-sized residences and then municipal projects.
The art of loving complexity
If her style had to be defined, it would undoubtedly be a subtle blend of contemporary, understated purity to which a delicate touch of femininity would slip. However, even in sobriety, Natalia likes the artistic complexity of a project. In his accomplishments, nothing is left to chance. Everything is thought out, thorough and justified.
All in sobriety, elegance and modernity, the redhead with the look of a business woman believes in an offbeat vision of her art. "I think I have a sensitivity that allows me to feel places, spaces and that allows me to conceive things differently from others" she says, remembering a few projects. In reality, she owes this creativity to the world around her because everything around her is a source of inspiration, including and above all the customer. “I take a lot of time before I conceive. I discuss, I understand how people live, what their needs and desires are before even starting to draw,” she explains. And to continue, "I have found myself in some place and told myself that such and such a thing could be an idea for such and such a project." Ultimately, that's what it is to be an architect: to listen, to interpret, to transcribe through architecture and to dream of it at night.
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Each project has its own specificity
Invested in her work, Natalia adapts to all situations, including major challenges such as affordable housing in Godbrange. A real challenge requiring the construction of 4 houses on a "not very large" plot with strict regulatory constraints and a limited budget. The whole to be functional with four bedrooms on a subsidized surface of 140m2. "We installed carports to the detriment of garages to save space and have a much more comfortable living space for people" she cites as an example.
Its flagship project remains the school in Elvange: "it did not materialize for lack of political decisions but it is the project that I liked the most because I put a part of me, of my personality into it" she recalls, her eyes full of good memories. Perhaps she should have lived in the postwar years, when regulations were less and architectures "less standardized." In short, a period during which Natalia could have lived her art in her own way.
What about COVID-19?
While 2018 was perfect for the evolution of the aeco atelier d’architecture firm with a diversification of projects for municipalities, the health crisis of 2020 led it to review its development strategy. Her partner and her husband have given way to two new architects and a technician who are currently sharing, among other things, house projects and a multi-purpose center. Case to be continued.
119, rue de l'Alzette L-4011 Esch-sur-Alzette
+352 27 35 21
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