Dagli: Architecte, artiste et social influencer

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Founded in 2005, the architectural firm Dagli + Atelier, which is currently preparing its new offices in Senningenberg, is on the rise. In offices bathed in light whose walls are covered with both inspiration and projects, Türkan Dagli gives himself open heart. Meet.

A painter by vocation and a mathematician at heart, she naturally heads towards the best alternative: architecture. She studied in Düsseldorf where she met Gerhard Richter, whose work has been recognized since the 1980s as a unique artistic experience before joining the Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen. Thirsty for avant-garde and experience, she got her start at Schneider + Schumacher in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. "I learned the extraordinary there," she recalls, "or so I learned the ordinary but kept only the extraordinary."

Evolution for ambition
While she dreamed of Paris and French, it was finally in Luxembourg that she put down her bags, learned the language and established her career plan. For its nature, for its airy side but above all because this is where it was able to prove itself. As a young architect, she was offered the opportunity to work on the North Pole - Invik Bank project, the fallout being such that she created her own practice. “The first few years were difficult,” she confesses. And to continue, "to start on his behalf when no one knows you, your credentials are low, it's a real challenge." However, for the past few years, Türkan has enjoyed a success story thanks to the network it has created over time. "I think I could draw a whole canvas just with the links that exist between my clients", a work that we would not be surprised to come across.

Not popularize the trend
To current trends, the artist prefers to defy codes by bringing a part of herself: classic, elegant and avant-garde. "For some time, architects have chosen safety by creating cubic shapes. They think this is what makes their project modern, but forget that modern architecture ages faster than the rest." Concerning her, she draws inspiration from her daily life, reads philosophy, is interested in ancient and classical architecture. No more banality, added value is essential.
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To create, she isolates herself and retreats. The starting point differs depending on the project, the inspiration. It can be a shape, a staircase or a window… All by hand before even starting on the computer.

A "social reference" for young creatives
The reputation of Dagli + Atelier is now well established and its 38.3k Instagram subscribers attest to this. However, architects are constantly broadening their horizons by participating in fairs such as the National Pavilion organized by the Chamber of Commerce at Expo Real in Munich or the meeting in Cannes. The opportunity for them to forge new links, to make new encounters with foreign architects and potential clients.

While Tükan's ambition is to expand internationally, its social networks have already been around the world. The architect with his artistic soul and his pencil strokes has succeeded in creating a very alert community around pastel posts giving pride of place to the 1950s, interweaving drawings and project plans. So his sweet, classic and romantic Instagram account takes us into the universe according to Dagli.

Its subscribers are generally young architects, students and young artists. "Thanks to this, I can set trends because my projects and illustrations are getting online very quickly and to an unimaginable degree," she explains. In short, a real influencer.