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Scandicraft trend, tells you more !

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Classic and essential, the Scandinavian style is renewed in 2020 in a more natural, more eco-friendly and less rigid version: the Scandicraft.
A worthy heir to the Arts & Craft movement behind contemporary design, the Scandinavian trend was starting to falter. More authentic, more rustic but above all more eccentric than its ancestor, the Scandicraft allows itself some fantasies. Its contours are more curved, its fibers and its natural materials. Eco-responsible, he opts for bamboo, wooden logs, woven wicker or rattan and likes to recycle handicrafts, thus giving his furniture an authentic and personal character. The 2020 trend highlights authenticity and originality by favoring unique pieces and quality and durable artisan products.
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While the Scandinavian style was placed in great conservative color, the Scandicraft is more extravagant. Sage green, ocher, raspberry pink or terracota, the combinations are more dynamic and we will dare without complex to add colored crockery or fabrics which spread a warm atmosphere. This eccentric side can also resurface with the addition of original wicker or rattan stools. The Scandinavian chill has not said its last word.
Vintage objects, works of art and childhood memories will have a special place in this trendy universe. You are free to build, stone after stone, the interior space that will satisfy you.