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What your interior says about your personality ?

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Fans of the Scandinavian style, lovers of shimmering colors or rather adepts of ultra-design furniture ... your taste in terms of decoration says a lot about your personality. The layout of your space, the choice of colors or even the materials that you favor would be all details that would allow you to read in you as in an open book. In any case, this is what the Modsy architecture platform asserts, which has partnered with Pinpoint Predicitive to establish a cleverly developed questionnaire. The goal? Determine which style suits you best in order to live in harmony in an interior that matches your personality.
To do so, the American site The Zoe Report, reports that Modsy combines the answers of his questionnaire with the scientific model OCEAN - a model of personality analysis developed in 1990 - retaining five traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, friendliness and neuroticism. What Alessandra Wood, vice president of the Architecture Platform's Style Department, replaces respectively with: the Peacemaker, the Good Neighbor, the Free Spirit, the Scholar and the Social Butterfly.
The pacifier: between minimalism and clean lines

Minimalism and clean lines are your mantra? You are a peacemaker for whom your heart beats at the mere sight of simple, sober pieces in neutral colors. All of this, no more bulky or unnecessary trinkets because you have no room to waste. You are confident and sure of yourself,
The part that suits you?
A round glass coffee table with a wood-effect metal base.
The good neighbor
Your living room is made up of raw materials and furniture that is as comfortable as it is warm. A multitude of colorful cushions are installed on your sofa alongside a soft plaid. You are modest and organized, so you are more of the "good neighbor" type.

The part that suits you?
A mohair plaid.
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Free spirit, between art and nature
Do you like art and nature? So your credo is vintage and nothing else. Still according to Modsy, you especially like interiors decorated with pieces that have their own experiences such as travel souvenirs, recycled objects or objects with a high sentimental value. All of this combined with resolutely modern furniture. The combination of the two forms for you the perfect combo for a unique house bursting with personality.
The part that suits you?
A pretty vintage trunk.
The adventurous scholar

If you are an intellectual addicted to adventure, the thing that capsizes your decorating addict is undoubtedly the industrial style. Imposing coffee table, iron shelf, leather sofa. You like raw parts! There is no doubt that the ideal interior would be a workshop or an industrial space where neutral tones and imposing materials reign supreme.
The part that suits you?
A metal and acacia bookcase.
The social butterfly
Do you like to attract some attention? So for you, the perfect interior would be synonymous with glamor, a profusion of colors and all kinds of materials. You instantly fall for singular and daring pieces. No matter the price, as long as you have the crush.

The part that suits you?
A blue velvet sofa