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3rd edition Art3f

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Painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramists: this weekend, nearly 200 artists made the Luxembourg public dream of the 3rd edition of art3f. A look back at this artistic encounter with 3,000 reasons to go there.

For all the ills of the world, art is a remedy, the contemporary even more. In the aftermath of an unprecedented health crisis, the 3rd edition of art3f made every effort to scrupulously comply with health regulations and exhibit at Luxexpo The Box. For a weekend, the show has changed the lines of traditional contemporary art trade fairs, giving these cultural events a warm and human touch. National and international artists made us travel on a 6,000m2 space in a lounge and jazzy atmosphere when the services offered allowed a human and warm side.
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On the program, meetings with artists without even going through their galleries. An unexpected chance for independent artists who were able to exhibit and sell their art. Like in a studio, enthusiasts were able to discuss technique and contemporary without fear.

In terms of services, a bar offering quality catering and a fine selection of wines, a jazz atmosphere, a happening area reserved for children's creativity, so many reasons to explore art with the family.
Without code, without prejudice and uninhibited, art3f is a clever mix of favorite art, affordable art and the most beautiful artistic representation of the moment.