Neighborhoods in renaissance

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For some years now, Luxembourg's districts have been rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. One after the other, promoters, architects and developers have come up with new projects to revive the districts, each more ambitious than the last. These emblematic developments and changes are in line with the approach of our Unicorn real estate agency.
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Waking up sleeping neighbourhoods
For too long, Hollerich has been hidden by asphalt and is about to emerge thanks to the "Hollerich Gate" project. The city is exploding and its sleepy neighbourhoods are being reborn with a new vitality and a new desire to shine. In short, a radical change in the south-western entrance to Luxembourg City. Emerging from its concrete bed, the Pétrusse d'eau will become a central axis of Hollerich leading to the heart of the hypercentre. 

Towards Infinity and beyond
Urbanised in 1965 for the first time with the Robert Schumann building, it was only with the arrival of the famous Immobel project that the renaissance really took place. Infinity Living has had a considerable impact on the dynamism of the Kirchberg district due to its size, mix and sustainability. As Luxembourg's first high-rise residential tower,  it is now reinventing the art of living in Luxembourg. After all, a neighbourhood is only alive if there is life.

Towards a profound transformation of the Howald district
Another district in the midst of a renaissance is Howald, where the Rue des Scillas and its surroundings will undergo a profound change with urban development along the new N3, where the tram will pass. It is on this route that our long-standing partner Capelli has imagined South Village, a large-scale project. A real city within a city, 21,000m2 are about to breathe new life into the district thanks to the creation of a new quality living space. A fine contribution to the development of Luxembourg's residential offer, in which we are proud to participate.

Redrawing the lines of the South
Further south in the country, in Esch-sur-Alzette, the Luxembourg developer and planner IKO REAL Estate has succeeded in meeting the challenge of redrawing the lines of the former mining basin, Terres rouges.
Anchored in its history and industrial heritage, this project is fundamentally forward-looking, with the development of a district totally focused on the quality of life of its inhabitants and the lifestyles of tomorrow. Combining comfort, environment and mobility, the project aims to create synergies that are essential for the development of future users of the district, from residents to visitors to the unusual accommodation.
And let's not forget Belval. Needless to say, this name sounds like a renaissance in Luxembourg. An industrial wasteland following the closure of the site that belonged to Arbed, then Arcelor Mittal, it has now become a new and highly prized district in which we are experts. 

Other districts are also getting ready to dress up in their best to seduce you, but we will have the opportunity to tell you all about it.